Its Not The Taking Part Its The Winning That Counts!

JC Racing 

The concept of JC Racing Services has been based on a life-time involvement in horse racing and information analysis. 

When I say I have been involved in Horse racing for most of my life I am referring to a large part of 62 years as a dedicated punter. In my own opinion I believe that makes me fairly experienced!

Throughout my life I have had mixed results from my horse racing exploits. Some disasters, but good days too. It took some years before I finally realised that inconsistency is the main reason for punters not being able to make regular profit from betting on horse racing. I also realised that this inconsistency stemmed from the sheer mass of information we receive, and the varying quality of that information, irrespective of source.
It was, therefore, my sincere belief that there was some way in which this inconsistency could be at least reduced. 

At the beginning of 1999 I began obtaining and analysing the daily advices of assorted "professional" Tipsters. These were made up of a combination of premium line advices, subscription services and membership information services. In addition to this the more readily available newspaper and TV tips were used, together with the growing influx of web-based horse racing services.

For my own sake I began to painstakingly record all the tips and their results in an attempt to identify the good tipsters (as well as the bad ones!). Over time this monitoring began to produce certain patterns and recognisable tables of merit - Now the information was becoming easier to follow and of more value - This method is now an important aspect of the overall service on offer here today. 

Initially this steady inflow of detailed information was very confusing simply due to the actual volume. It was overwhelming and virtually useless for that reason. After all, how can you possibly hope to pick a winner from a long list of over 100 tips, many of which were often contradictory?

The question now is: Can you afford to be missing out any more?